International Conference
Debris Flows: :
Disasters, Risk, Forecast, Protection

Pyatigorsk, Russia, 22-29 September 2008

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Field trip to Mt. Elbrus region

This three-day trip will lead the participants to one of the most debris-flow active areas of the Caucasus, the Baksan River valley. It is planned to visit a large landslide near Zajukovo village; a new debris flow deflection dyke and adjoining quarters in the town of Tyrnyauz, a destroyed protective dam on the Gerkhozhan-Su river above Tyrnyauz; debris flow streams Great and Little Mukulan; Tubele rock avalanche; Sagaevsky debris flow fan; Tcheget and Azau built-up areas in the avalanche hazard areas; and to take a cable car up the slopes of Mt. Elbrus, the highest summit of Europe.

Guide for participants of the field trip (PDF, 5 Mb)

Information for participants

We recommend to participants of the field trip to take water-proof jacket, warm cup, sweater/fleese and trekking boots.

Weather in region
(Terskol meteorological station, 2143 m a.s.l.)

Photos of the region

  Overview satellite image of the Caucasus. Field trip area marked by yellow circle
  Mt Elbrus (5642 m a.s.l.)
  Overview map of debris-flow hazard in the area (in Russian)
  The town of Tyrnyauz during the catastrophic debris flows in July 2000
  Protective dam in the Gerkhozhan-Su valley, destroyed by debris flows
  Fragment of the dam in the Gerkhozhan-Su valley and boulders carried by the 1999 debris flow
  Little Mukulan River. Debris flow channels in waste rock heaps of Tyrnyauz mines. Average frequency of debris flows is about 5 events per year
  Baksan River valley. Road destroyed by a hyperconcentrated flow
  Ancient deposits of Tubele rock avalanche in the Baksan River valley
  Debris flow deposits at the fan of the Sagaevsky Gully
  Elbrus educational and research glaciological station of Moscow State University
  Glacial Lake Bashkara, a potential source of outburst flood
  Adyl-Su River valley downstream of Lake Bashkara, a channel of possible GLOF in furure
  Elbrus Village
  Donguz-Orun River valley
  Panorama of the Main Caucasus Range. View from the slopes of Mt. Elbrus

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