International Conference
Debris Flows: :
Disasters, Risk, Forecast, Protection

Pyatigorsk, Russia, 22-29 September 2008

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Pyatigorsk is a picturesque resort city in the south of Russia (44 02' N, 43 04' E), in the well-known region of the Caucasian Mineral Waters. It is located in the foothills of the Caucasus, between mountains Mashuk and Beshtau. A resort has been founded here over 200 years ago, around curative mineral sources.

The town lays at about 500 m a.s.l. and has a multitude of historical sights. It was frequented and celebrated by famous Russian poets Alexandr Pushkin and Mikhail Lermontov.


Participants will pay independently for their accommodation in Pyatigorsk.

Sessions will take place in the conference halls of
Beshtau hotel. So we recommend for participants to stay at the Beshtau hotel (17 Pervaya Bulvarnaya St., Pyatigorsk, Stavropol Kray, 357500, Russia. Tel/fax: +7 8793 323030). The Organising Committee will be happy to assist participants in hotel booking.

Main office of the Debris Flow Association is based in the building of the Sevkavgiprovozkhoz Institute, a leading Russian design and survey institution specialised in engineering of protective structures and debris flow hazard mitigation.

Institute address: 78, Kirova av., Pyatigorsk, Stavropol Kray, 357500, Russia,
phone +7 8793 393408, fax +7 8793 339064, e-mail:


Travel directions

Weather in Pyatigorsk

Satellite images

  • Overview in GoogleEarth (download bookmark in .kmz format)
  • Detailed view at (Sevkavgiprovodkhoz Institute and Debris Flow Association office are in the centre of image)

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