International Conference
Debris Flows: :
Disasters, Risk, Forecast, Protection

Pyatigorsk, Russia, 22-29 September 2008

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Images of Pyatigorsk

  Panoram of the town of Pyatigorsk. Mt. Elbrus, the highest summit of Europe (5642 m a.s.l.) covered by glaciers is visible in the background
  Mt. Beshtau gave name to the town (both the Turkic "Beshtau" and the Russian "Pyatigorsk" translate as "Five Mountains")
  Symbol of Pyatigorsk, the Eagle sculpture at Mt. Goryachaya
  Sevkavgiprovodkhoz Institute and office of the Debris Flow Association
  Boulder carried by the 2000 debris flow to the town of Tyrnyauz (Kabardino-Balkarian Republic) now a monument near Sevkavgiprovodkhoz Institute
  Inscription on the boulder carried by a catastrophic debris flow
  Beshtau Hotel
  Conference halls of the Beshtau hotel
  Aeolian Harp arbor, 1831-1832. Designed by Giuseppe and Giovanni Bernardazzi
  Arbor in Chinese style. 1870-80s.
  Gukasov Cafe, early 20th century, now an art gallery
  Mt. Mashuk
  "Tsvetnik" ("Flower bed") Park
  Entrance to the tonnel leading to the Proval karst lake
  Lermontov Gallery, 1901, now the Philharmonic of the Caucasian Mineral Waters region
  Overview of the town of Pyatigorsk from Mt. Mashuk

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